Ready Set Gamecast – Episode 91 – Becoming More Powerful

It’s the final episode of Ready Set Gamecasts, this week the hosts discuss the Nintendo Direct, Blizzcon 2021, Teddy’s numerous “Game of the Years” for 2020 and beyond, and the age old question, if two lasagnas are stack on top of each other, do you have one tall lasagna or just two stacked on each other?

Thank you all for the support and listens throughout the years, if you want to keep hearing from us, check out the podcast Dungeons and Gamers; a real-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast where we go on hilarious and exciting adventures. New episodes come out the last Monday of each month. Thanks again, we love you.

00:02:31 – What you’ve been playing – Teddy – Final Fantasy 14
00:24:20 – Bryce – Final Fantasy 14
00:26:49 – Bryce – Super Mario 3D World
00:27:43 – Bryce – Knowledge is Power
00:30:50 – Bryce got the LG 65cx TV
00:37:52 – Dee – Phasmophobia and Volcanoids
00:41:14 – Matt – Super Meat Boy Forever
00:45:08 – Matt – Valorant
00:52:31 – Quick News
01:01:38 – Mortal Kombat Trailer
01:03:42 – Nintendo Direct
01:20:04 – Overall thoughts on the Nintendo Direct
01:21:33 – Blizzcon 2021
01:30:44 – Patreon Producers
01:31:02 – Questions
01:32:34 – Comment from Erin
01:34:18 – What shows have you been watching
01:43:33 – What’s your favorite memory from being on RSG
01:47:22 – What’s something you’re glad happened because of this podcast
01:49:12 – When is Teddy getting an OnlyFans
01:50:44 – If you place two lasagnas on top of each other, is it one tall lasagna or two
01:55:50 – If you had the opportunity to have the first podcast in Mars, would you do it
01:57:55 – Why would someone support the game knowing awful people will directly benefit from this game
02:06:13 – If you four were stuck in the wilderness who would get eaten first
02:11:18 – Now that the podcast is over, is the age of gamers finally over
02:13:29 – Outro

Ready Set Gamecast
Ready Set Gamecast - Episode 91 - Becoming More Powerful

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