About Us

Last Geek is a gaming-focused entertainment site. That’s super vague, eh? Well, we make Youtube videos and podcasts about video games. Maybe other cool stuff down the line.

The Team

Bryce M

Bryce is the founder of Last Geek. Host of Ready Set Gamecast and one of the CEOs of Game Make Corp. He started Last Geek with the humble goal to entertain people and fulfill his delusions of grandeur.

Erin C

Erin is the freelance video/audio editor for Last Geek. If you’re watching something Last Geek made and think, “This look pretty dope.” You can thank Erin.


She’s one of the CEOs of Game Make Corp, a doctor, a gamer, and a geek. One time Bryce asked her if she wanted to be part of Last Geek. She made the mistake of saying Yes. Now you can watch her make fun of him on videos and podcasts.