Ready Set Gamecast – Episode 69 – NICE

This week, Matt, Bryce, and the return of Dee, discuss the PS5 DualSense controller, the Play at Home Initiative, Chex Quest HD, and their favorite Animal Crossing villagers.

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00:00:43 – Animal Crossing Talk
00:19:37 – Dee playing League and TFT
00:21:53 – Matt playing TFT
00:26:42 – PS5 DualSense Controller
00:38:33 – Sony making fewer PS5s
00:44:05 – Play At Home Initiative
00:46:54 – VENN
00:56:30 – Chex Quest HD
01:01:25 – ESRB introduces a loot box label
01:07:51 – The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Trailer
01:11:26 – Patreon Producers
01:12:11 – Conversation Corner
01:13:28 – What did you spend most of your time on in AC?
01:20:49 – What is your favorite K.K. Song?
01:22:50 – Who is your favorite animal crossing villager currently living in your town?
01:32:27 – Outro

Ready Set Gamecast
Ready Set Gamecast
Ready Set Gamecast - Episode 69 - NICE

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