Ready Set Gamecast – Episode 63 – Doom and Delays

Teddy is joined by Matt (@DilbertPickled) and talk about the numerous video game delays, the Doom Eternal event, a new Silent Hill game rumor, and how bananas are important to keep yourself regular.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:49 – What have you been playing – Matt
00:11:17 – What have you been playing – Teddy
00:22:26 – So many game delays
00:35:10 – Doom Eternal Preview Event
00:38:56 – Teddys experience with Animal Crossing
00:41:11 – Google and Blizzard partner
00:47:13 – Epic owned Psyonix will stop supporting MacOS and Linux versions of Rocket League
00:48:56 – Leakers claim new Silent Hill games are in the works
00:53:11 – Atari announces plans to build hotels in the US
00:55:46 – US Court ruled PA man’s civil rights not violated by being muted in online game
00:58:01 – Patreon Shout Out
00:58:23 – Teddy and Matt’s Conversation Corner
00:59:17 – What did you eat for breakfast?
01:02:36 – What’s your favorite color?
01:03:33 – What’s your favorite show that’s still playing right now?
01:10:57 – What have you been watching or reading?
01:14:22 – What’s your favorite quote?
01:19:42 – Outro

Ready Set Gamecast
Ready Set Gamecast - Episode 63 - Doom and Delays

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