Baldur’s Gate Baddies – Episode 06 – Behind the Baddies 01

In this special episode of BGB, we talk to the players and see what they think of the campaign so far, what their character’s favorite food is, and many other cool things!

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:58 – How did you come up with your character and why did you want to play that character?
00:04:35 – What was it like playing with people you don’t know?
00:07:03 – What’s it like being on a dnd podcast?
00:09:35 – What’s your characters favorite food?
00:10:29 – What’s been your favorite moment so far?
00:15:52 – What is a moment that had you on edge?
00:16:21 – What’s this campaign like compared to others you’ve been in?
00:24:22 – Who is your favorite NPC? What NPC do you want to know more about?
00:28:08 – Do you have any questions for the DM or each other?
00:39:16 – Did you find the secret in one of the episodes?
00:39:51 – Outro

Baldur's Gate Baddies
Baldur's Gate Baddies
Baldur’s Gate Baddies - Episode 06 - Behind the Baddies 01

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