Ready Set Gamecast – Episode 76 – Tymora’s Blessing

This week, the hosts talk about all the big Xbox Series X news and The Red Green Show.

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00:02:38 – What have you been playing – Matt
00:10:06 – What have you been playing – Dee
00:16:28 – What have you been playing – Bryce
00:40:11 – Quick News
00:50:04 – Xbox Series X Game Showcase
01:28:39 – Patreon Producers
01:29:56 – Giveaway!
01:35:32 – Questions
01:36:17 – How do you think 2020 has been doing gaming wise? Do you have a GOTY yet?
01:42:43 – What is everyone’s favorite race and class in D&D?
01:47:13 – If you only had to pick 2 games coming out this November, which ones would you get?
01:52:52 – Outro

Ready Set Gamecast
Ready Set Gamecast - Episode 76 - Tymora’s Blessing

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