Dungeons and Gamers – Episode 15 – Under the Sheets 01

This episode we take a look at the gamers behind the character sheets and discuss the three adventures the players have gone through so far.

00:02:01 – Matt, Beckers, Darrian – What’s it like to just show up?
00:04:22 – Bryce, how did the podcast start?
00:05:59 – Bryce, when did you start buying books and minis?
00:09:56 – How did you come up with your character?
00:23:31 – Katie, how do you come up with so many characters?
00:28:28 – Have you played DnD before this podcast and have you been enjoying it?
00:38:57 – What is a dice roll that really had you on edge?
00:47:23 – What is your favorite moment?
00:54:48 – Erin, Cookie said she didn’t want to kill anyone, why did you make that decision?
01:00:48 – Have we met the Collector?
01:02:05 – Darrian, what was it like coming in after the story started?
01:03:29 – Beckers, when did the transformation become an idea?
01:08:50 – Katie, has there been any unique challenges DMing this podcast?
01:16:00 – Katie, what was it like implementing Bryce’s heist idea, while still having him as a player?
01:19:29 – Oceans 11 Spoiler
01:19:45 – Oceans 11 Spoiler done
01:21:17 – Katie, what was it like when everyone was trying to figure out the fountain in the first adventure?
01:24:46 – Erin, what’s it like editing the podcast?
01:28:49 – What is something you’re curious about with the campaign so far?
01:39:52 – Outro

Dungeons and Gamers
Dungeons and Gamers
Dungeons and Gamers - Episode 15 - Under the Sheets 01

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